General Description
This presentation provides faculty with the tools and knowledge to create their own academic blog, an exciting trend in knowledge production.

Blog: a website that features separate posts of one or multiple authors, which may vary in length
Academic Blog: a subtype of blog that typically features formal writing about a focused subject or a single author’s informal writing related to research projects

Open-Source Tools
WordPress: the most popular tool for blogging (as well as website creation)
Blogger: the second-most popular blogging tool with a simpler interface, as well as support from its owner, Google

Relevant Files
PowerPoint Presentation Slides [pptx/ pdf]

1) The Keats Letters Project: collaborative ongoing reflections on the 200th anniversary of Keats’ famous letters (hosted by WordPress)
2) Structure & Surprise: online blog supplement (hosted by WordPress) to 2007 work Structure & Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns (edited by Michael Theune)
3) Voltage Poetry: collaborative online blog of poets’ analyses of their favorite poems (hosted by WordPress)